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458 58,806 Sex Surfing I bet you´ve never had such a naughty couch surfing experience, I know I haven´t!In Sex Surfing by Nico Bertrand, Amarna Miller arrives at Lily Cade´s house and gets cosy on the couch. She finds a DVD in the living room and discovers that her host for the night is actually a lesbian porn actress. So, Amarna does what we would all do. She slips the DVD into her computer, unzip her pants and starts masturbating, until Lily comes home...The two women will fuck on that same couch, sharing an awesome connection for everybody´s delight.Enjoy! 771 14,443 Newbie Newbie is a funny introduction to anal sex, from the perspective of Lewis, played by Alexei Jackson, a young porn actor who has his first anal experience thanks to the guidance of his partner for the day, Pauline, played by Lexie Candy.

Lexie shows Alexei how to pleasure her, first with her favorite butt plug, and then with his cock, until she reaches quite an intense orgasm! I like to switch roles and it was awesome to watch Lexie tell Alexei exactly what she wanted and get off so hard.

The two actors and myself also share our experiences and a few hilarious anecdotes about our first times doing anal... We were all newbies at some point!
137 13,992 The Waltz Who said porn couldn´t be epic? Watch Jasko Fide, Mickey Mod and Lina Bembe as musical instruments, playing themselves, in an intense, beautiful and almost dramatic threesome.The music by Tchaikovsky allows to grasp the pure lust as the characters enjoy several wonderful orgasms.

Follow a couple who come home after a night out, with a young woman they´ve just met. They invite her to come home with them and the magic begins. It´s all about the unsaid. In this situation, it goes beyond words. Nobody says "hey, wanna have a threesome with us?"

Everybody is thinking about it, but nobody actually says it. It´s all about the looks they exchange, the atmosphere, a slight touch... Until it triggers an explosion of pleasure.

Enjoy this first pornopera!
Exclusive content by Lucie Blush Porn star, director and writer

"Let’s bring the fun back into porn!"